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The Crab

"The Crab" by Michael Woodworth

illustrated by Morgan Ferland

Price $18.95 (Hardcover)

The Crab


"The man sat down and waited. He kept still for what seemed like a very long time. Then something moved in the hole just ahead. It was an eye! But what a strange eye it was. This eye was on the end of a slender stalk peering out from the hole in the sand."

A lively crab that lives to dance. A well-intentioned man dedicated to helping the loveable creature. What could possibly go wrong? This second Legend of the Sea of Cortez explores unintended consequences of sincere but misguided conservationism. Learn how the crab and the man become lifelong friends who truly understand and appreciate one another.

In "The Crab," author Michael Woodworth delivers an important environmental message in a colorful and entertaining story written for all ages. Illustrator, Morgan Ferland, brings Michael's words vividly to life with her original watercolor artwork.